Professional services for expressive arts therapies

MARA: Movement Assessment and ReCorDing App

The world’s first iPad app for assessment in dance movement therapy.


The second version of our app, now called MARA (Movement Assessment and Recording App) is due for release in late September 2017. This new version includes an much expanded range of outcomes, further developed through trials; new security features allowing two levels of access and the option of different users on the same app licence; and expanded graphing options. Contact to be advised when the new version is released.


Who we are:

We are a team dedicated to improving the practice of expressive arts therapies. As professionals in the field, we believe it is important to understand most thoroughly the impacts of our work. In so doing, we believe we can contribute to the most positive outcomes for our clients and more efficient and effective professional practice.

What we do:

We work in sectors including education, community, health and welfare to assist and advise expressive arts therapists and other relevant specialists. Our services include program design and delivery, assessment and evaluation; professional development; mentoring and supervision; research and publications.