Launch of Version 2 of our iPad app, now called MARA (Movement Assessment and Recording App).


Dr. Kim Dunphy begins three year Mackenzie Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the University of Melbourne, to develop and systematize an outcomes framework for dance movement therapy.


Trials of iPad app continue in diverse sites in USA, Canada,  New Zealand and Australia.

Launch of Marking the Moves, our iPad app for dance movement assessment.
Available for sale for the first time


Trial of an iPad app for dance movement assessment
Making Dance Matter and Sunshine Special Developmental School
Kim Dunphy and Sue Mullane, Making Dance Matter, and Columbia College, Chicago
Sue Mullane, Kim Dunphy and Laura Allen, with Susan Imus, Hannah Bailey and Patrick James. Supported by PACFA, an anonymous charitable foundation and the Hanny Exiner Memorial Foundation,


Response to ACARA (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority) public consultation
re: Foundation to Year 12 Draft Australian Curriculum: The Arts
Sue Mullane and Kim Dunphy


Research project:
The Effectiveness Of Creative Arts Therapies: A Review Of The Literature
Kim Dunphy, Sue Mullane And Marita Jacobsson
for Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia
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Research and Development project:
Marking the Moves: Development of an electronic app for dance movement therapy assessment
Kim Dunphy and Sue Mullane
Supported by the Hanny Exiner Memorial Foundation


Research project:
Case study of a ten year old boy- assessing progress through dance-movement therapy

Sue Mullane, Sunshine Special Developmental School
Supported by the Hanny Exiner Memorial Foundation


Teacher Professional Leave project:
Making the Most of Movement: The use of a movement assessment tool to inform special needs classroom teaching and learning
Sue Mullane