Trial or Buy MARA

Trial or Buy MARA

We offer you two options for using MARA: purchase from this page or have a free 30 day trial. For both options, you can start by downloading MARA to your iPad. You can pay the licence fee at any time within the 30 day period to continue using MARA. This means that any data you have saved in MARA will not be lost when you transfer to a licenced version.


Installing MARA to your iPad.

Step 1: Download Filemaker Go.

Download free app Filemaker Go onto your iPad. MARA is fully compatible with versions 16 and 17.  If your iPad only allows earlier versions of Filemaker, MARA will work but without all features.

Click here or use the App Store button:button_app_store


Step 2: Download MARA

NB: Currently this is a Trial Beta version intended for participants in the trial program only.
Using the Safari browser, go to this page on your iPad and tap the MARA icon as below to download it. MARA does not work on computers or other devices as yet.

MaRA V2.0

NOTE: iPads give very little indication that a download has started. Tap the MARA download icon only once to avoid multiple downloads. It may take a minute or two to download.


Step 3: Open MARA.

Your iPad will ask you which app to open MARA in. Select Filemaker Go. If this option is not available, check that you have installed Filemaker Go 16 or 17. Then open MARA within Filemaker Go.

Return to MARA at any time by opening Filemaker Go and choosing MARA from the list of files on the left.


Step 4: Purchase a licence.

If you want to use MARA for more than 30 days, please make the appropriate paypal payment, depending on the number of users in your setting. Otherwise MARA will stop working after thirty days.

The multiple-user option provides two levels of security, with the licence Administrator controlling access for all other users and able to add or delete individual users.  This is ideal for health agencies, to contribute to best practice of security of health records and client data.

Licence version:

AUD$25 (one user) AUD$50 (two to five users) AUD$99 (six or more users in one setting)

Then email who will send you a licence number. You then need to enter this into your full version of MARA to activate it. 

Step 4: Enter licence number 
When your payment is received, a licence number will be emailed to you. This should be entered into MARA to activate it.

Thank you for trying MARA.

If you have any technical difficulties please contact us.