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Instructions: this app requires Filemaker Go 14 installed on your iPad

Step 1. Download free app Filemaker Go 14 onto your iPad.
Click here or use the App Store button here:


Step 2. Then using Safari, return to this page on your iPad and tap the appropriate Marking the Moves icon below (free trial or full version):

NOTE: iPads give very little indication that a download has started. Please tap the appropriate “Marking the Moves” download option only once to avoid multiple downloads. It may take a minute or two to download.

FULL – Marking The Moves

Step 3. Your iPad will ask you which app to open Marking the Moves in. Select Filemaker Go. If this option is not available, check that you have installed Filemaker Go14. Then open Marking the Moves within Filemaker Go.

Return to Marking the Moves at any time by opening Filemaker Go and choosing Marking the Moves from the list of files on the left.